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About using illustrations

Published by ShinozakiRegarding the use of illustrations,

​Please check this carefully and use it according to the conditions.

Contents are subject to change without notice.

Please use after acknowledging this.

​​Updated: 2023/07/02

(Added to the secondary creation to make it easier to understand. The content has not changed)

Prohibited matter
1. Processing prohibited

Please do not process the illustration.

(Such as turn off the part or sign of the additions and changes / content such as pictures and letters and color)

2. Prohibition of use for commercial purposes

Please do not distribute or sell the printed matter or printed matter made using the illustrations to an unspecified number of people.

Please do not use it for advertisements, sites, SNS, etc. of companies and shops.

3. Prohibition of reprinting

Please do not reprint the illustrations on blogs or SNS. If you want to quote, please do not reprint it, but use the functions provided in SNS such as RT, repost, GIF button, or use it by quoting the URL.

* LINE timeline screenshots are not included in the reprint.

* SNS icons and headers are OK with the following conditions.

Conditionally OK
1. Used for SNS icons and headers

SNS icons and headers can be used conditionally.


Condition 1:

When using, please enter the character name or author name in the profile column of the account. The wording does not matter as long as it is easy to understand.

(Example: [Icon image / Tempura Ninja & Samurai] etc. If you are using Tempura Maker, you can use [Icon image #Tempura Maker] etc. )

Condition 2:

It is prohibited to use it with the account that posts the following.

・ Posts that are offensive to public order and morals.

・ Medical information without scientific basis and spread of hoaxes.

・ Posts that attack others (including spoofing).

Condition 3:

Observe the first prohibition (only trimming to the required size is okay for processing) .

2. Use for personal use

Conditionally OK if you use it by yourself or only with family or small friends. Please check all the following conditions before use.

Condition 1:

[For printed matter on paper using illustrations]

-Print by yourself or print only for decoration purposes .

・ Do not distribute to a large number of people or an unspecified number of people .

Please observe the above.

Condition 2:

[When creating goods using illustrations]

・ Only for yourself .

・ Use only one .

・ Do not produce through a large-scale production company .

・ Avoid large items .

Please observe the above.

(No good example: Through a coterie goods store or a trader for group companies / Producing larger items including T-shirts and tote bags / Producing and distributing multiple items, etc. )

Condition 3:

When uploading a photo of your product to SNS, be sure to include a sentence stating that it is not an official product and that you made it for your own use.

Condition 4:

Please do not transfer or sell the printed matter or printed matter made using the illustrations to another person after the intended use is finished. Discard any items that are no longer needed or used.

Condition 5:

Please also observe the first prohibition.

Specific examples that are OK to use:

Make it a standby for your smartphone . Put your own printed sticker on your notebook . Print it out on your New Year's card and send it to your friends . Ask the cake shop to print on the cakes that the family eats . Make only one item for yourself at the workshop . For personal events (weddings, off-campus, etc.), such as for decoration POP at the venue . Please check other conditions before using.

About derivative works

Please feel free to create secondary works. No report required. (Secondary creations do not fall into the category of "using Shinozaki's illustrations as they are".)


However, when uploading content that includes sexual, violent, or romantic elements to SNS, we would appreciate it if you could avoid searching, or make it so that it is not in a state where it can be viewed directly.

There is no problem with distributing and selling doujinshi, doujin games, and doujin music. Please follow

However, for the distribution and sale of goods and three-dimensional objects, I would appreciate it if you could think that permission is necessary for now. Because it may directly compete with official goods...

About the above rules

This is a rule only for Shinozaki and does not apply to other creators, so please do not confuse it.

Works are copyrighted and have their own rules.

Also, please note that this rule is subject to change.

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